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[GEN] C.GonzalesBlindDeafOrphan tagtagtag Wow what an amazing newsletter, this is great! I love it, very compact and plenty of information.
[MAJ] J.DobbsCSLooney tagtagtagtag Very nice job Hayes
[PFC-] K.FiteIgnite tagtagtagtag Looking forward to the next one. Keep up the great work and "being awesome and pissing excellence!"

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[PV2-] J.HayesJoeTaggart tagtagtag Oorah! Fellas. Well deserved, you both have made this relative newcomer feel very welcome.
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Allison MOH

[LTC] H.SweetARC tagtagtag posted Jun 6, 16

[PV2-] J.HayesJoeTaggart tagtagtag My only criticism is that the year on the bottom of DevilDogs certification appears to be incorrect....other than that I...
[PV2-] L.SwansonStrike502 tagtag Congrats Gents, Glad to have great leadership to follow
[PV2-] J.HayesJoeTaggart tagtagtag Well earned, well deserved ...good on you sah!

[1LT] J.Simssimmomedic tagtag WHy is nothing ever posted about WoT achievements? Tired of feeling like the bastard kids here.
[PV2-] J.HayesJoeTaggart tagtagtag Cracking bit of work...I was about as much of a challenge as a wet fish, but the experience was interesting. A well dese...

[Sgt-] G.GreenEnglish_Ham tagtagtagtag well done guys o7
A.Williams Unforgiven tag Well done gentlemen! o7
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[PV2-] L.SwansonStrike502 tagtag English!! English!!
[PV2-] J.HayesJoeTaggart tagtagtag A well deserved award. The effort you put in shows. As a relative newcomer (Avoiding the word NOOB) I appreciate all you...

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News Announcements 8 (from Saturday to Friday)
Date: Feb 27-March 4
AUTHOR:  M.Granger(Dollanganger)
- This is a rather short newsletter do to I just returned and got asked to do
this half way threw the week. I plan future ones to be more nicer looking as they
were and have more added to them. Also I do not have my proper admin access so
I was unable to gather important links from 1st or 2nd Battalion this week.

+ Officer Announcements =
K.Allison (Leader)
- Our coffers are in desperate need of donations to keep the day to day running
of the clan going. Donations are never required, however if you wish even the
smallest donation is always appreciated.

J.Dobbs (1st Bat XO, HHC CO)
- Brigade NCO Meeting is every other Sunday at 1900hours (Corporal and up)
- HHC Command Staff Positions
- S-Division job postings
- 1st Battalion Everybody meeting: 6Mar2016 at 2000 JSOC time

S.Dellbridge (2nd Bat Charlie CO)
- Event Meeting to discuss plans, Saturday 5pm CST

C.Cook (2nd Bat XO)
- Darthfelo is the new 2nd Bat, Charlie Company.
- We are seeking people for the following so please contact Cross and Cook if
you are interested in participating. Admin being sought for Galatic Empyrion.
Ark Server
Arma Server
Armoured Warfare
Galactic Empyrion Server ( Space Wars No pw)
Space Engineers Server
Star Citizen

+ Donations =

+ Spotlighted JSOC Forum Links =
- HHC Command Staff Positions
- S-Division job postings
- TRADOC Training

+ Classes =

+ Interview =
Pending revision of the Newsletter format

+ Video Gaming =
- New Releases
Disgaea just came out for the PC on steam and Final Fantasy 9 will be on steam

- Pokemon
Do to the 20th anniversary (I feel old..) they are doing giveaways of the
more rare event monsters. Most you simply go to mystery gift in the games
menu and search internet and it will let you download them. If you enjoy
the games or have kids who do this is a good chance to get something rare.
Only works for Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.

Mew: February 1 - 24, 2016 at GameStop Giveaway (Expired)
Celebi: March 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Jirachi: April 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Darkrai: May 1 - 24, 2016 at GameStop Giveaway
Manaphy: June 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Shaymin: July 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Arceus: August 1 - 24, 2016 at GameStop Giveaway
Victini: September 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Keldeo: October 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network
Genesect: November 1 - 24, 2016 at GameStop Giveaway
Meloetta: December 1 - 24, 2016 at Nintendo Network

- Free Game

- Humble Monthly 5
Ark (This is a good price if your looking to get into ARK)
I Am Bread
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Shantae and the Pirates Curse
Wasteland 2

Games if you buy the next early
South Park, Stick of Truth
This War of Mine

- Humble Weekly
This is the flyers games so it should be listed on the link as Star Wars Bundle 2.
Games include TIE Fighter, X-Wing, X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter,
Supremacy/Rebellion, Galactic Battlegrounds, Knights of the Old Republic 1 and
2, LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga, Empire at War, and more to be added Tuesday.

+ New Movies In Theatre Now =
Pending revision of the Newsletter format

+ End Note =
This newsletter is as I said rather light. I shall fix that in the future. Also it might
be posted sooner then my Friday evening normal time. I have a doctor
appointment at 4pm, so might as well get this early.

+ Screenshot of the Week.
I can always depend on H.McNeer for pictures.

Posted 3 mins ago · OP

New announcement from TRADOC:

Please go to our forum link for information regarding WLC, OCS, and Admin School training courses. The information is based on new developments within the Command Staff.


Afternoon folks,

I wanted to write a quick note to everyone on the recent change, my ascension into CSM for Brigade at JSOC. Over the last couple of weeks, I was selected from a pool of candidates, who each bring a unique experience to the table, and due to my real world managerial experiences, mixed with the organizational requirements held by my company, I was eventually picked to fill the role. While I have many things to learn during the coming months, I publicly make a commitment to all members of JSOC to fulfill my duties with utmost respect, loyalty, and unbiased decision making through my time in the position. I will be working closely with all enlisted personnel in JSOC, specifically the NCOs, to help increase various aspects including recruitment, activity, and proper delegation, and welcome all ideas, concerns, and suggestions anyone might have. Think of me as a bridge to the General - Should you have any crucial concerns that you think only Brigade staff can handle, voice your concerns my way - However, I'll let all of you be aware now - Should you come to me with something that can easily be addressed by your Company or Battalion staff, I will be quick to point you in the right direction.

Perhaps one of the most important principals of the JSOC community is to have fun while maintaining respect and integrity. It will be my primary duty to ensure we are all having fun, regardless of the level of expertise, leadership, or popularity, while making sure we not only adhere to our standing orders, but positively encourage them amongst new and old members alike. I truly look forward to working with everyone, from First and Second Battalion, to HHC and Brigade.

Should anyone have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to message me privately through the forums.


SSG A.Arevalo(DirtySanchez84)

Acting Command Sergeant Major





Congrates guys


[Sgt-] G.GreenEnglish_Ham tagtagtagtag Nice going guys!!!! glad to have you all onboard (possible naval joke?) Good work

J.S.O.C Associates

AcMe Co Uk Ark Survival Server is now avialable to all at J.S.O.C

The Admin: A.Shaw(Brigadier Shaw), M.Ribeiro(Smurf),

The server is now officailly a J.S.O.C Server. Signing up for AcMe Co Uk on enjin is for information on events and will be maintained for our existing donators. The only obligation of any player from J.S.O.C is to register. J.S.O.C is at the heart of this community.

The Ark existing community is going to be asked to sign up for J.S.O.C. thus creating an amalgamation. Registration is simply a formality (to be more specific: due to all the elements associated with this ARK server, (donation links etc.) it is best to keep this site as it is with the understanding the effort is still JSOC focused; the sign up on this site is simply to have people come and be added to the server and then they will be asked to join JSOC--it is a recuitment tool).


This is a independent unofficial Ark Survivor (dedicated and no battleye):

AcMe Co Uk

Server rules are as follows:

  • No building on Volcanoe Peak or Carno Island. The purpose of this is because of Caves. Caves;  spawning dungeons on the map need to be easily available to the server population.
  • Prefer players help each other... if there is not a planned confrontation (tribal war contract).
  • PVE; the server is set up that it is 99% impossible to get players stealing from or destroying bases. It is troll free! just close your doors...
  • There is a solid community with events.
  • We have added mods for players pleasure:
  • Glass buildings
  • Stairs and round walls
  • Obsidian Building
  • Server resets every twelve hours (saves half an hour before) at 06:00 and 18:00 hrs GMT

Administrators are available on team speak for any questions.

" Waking up to a sharp pain behind the eyes. Slowly the eyes open to brilliant light and a wild jungle world with unfamiliar sounds. Tagged with a technology on your arm, which just raises more questions.  Its time to explore, survive and find out the answers to some of the questions".

When and if ARK becomes a group again, we will move this message to the appropriate location.

Important News!

Steam Group Created : http://goo.gl/Ia1Lvq
Facebook Group Created : https://goo.gl/qzAk8w

Hack Warning: http://goo.gl/VCpgN8
Protect your info, Use hard to guess passwords containing letters and numbers and even special characters. Don’t use personal information such as names, kids names, pets names, etc.

Mustering: http://goo.gl/Zlts7c
Please take the time to muster in, It only takes 5 minutes on a Sunday night and lets us know your alive.

Basic Training: http://goo.gl/hF1196
We’ve all done it, We’re all going to do it.

Jsoc FAQ: http://goo.gl/fCBtHp
Got a Question? We’ve got an answer, if it’s not here; feel free to ask your NCO

Donations: http://www.jsocmgc.us/donations
If you can’t donate, Could you donate an hour of your time? (Voluntary Only)

No More interviews, If I have enough time, Famous people from the military


Forum Items!

Video Recorders Needed - http://goo.gl/BXz3y0

Whose Eligible for Tourneys - http://goo.gl/qhxOvs


World of Tank News
Mutz brawl - http://goo.gl/0YWsq0


Armored Warfare

Daily Bonus system: https://goo.gl/n0b3Ty

Chinese Vehicles!: https://goo.gl/TkdGsf


War Thunder

No News Sorry – If I miss something, Feel free to point me in the right direction.

No News sorry but you can check out past contests here: http://goo.gl/Vdwzz5


World of Warships
These are not stingy – Often wows contests have dubloons (gold), premium time, and free ships attached.

Project R – Gain pearls for playing, Turn pearls in for good items, Get 150 pearls to be entered into the draw for a kamakazi

The Arp – Japanese BB projects

Earn the Tachibana – 6 Mission campaine

This is short. Easy to do, no guaranteed items however.

Team Battles are coming to Wows, Anyone wanting to play please have a t6 ship available. Please see Cpt Jeffers or PO R.Young for details.

Little Bits.

Games of Note

Xcom 2 is coming out Feb 5th

Origin free game: Need for Speed Most Wanted

Subscribing to bundle-stars can get you free steam games

[SPC-] M.QuesnelCieve tagtag i have pictures for this in the jsoc newsletter

Jan 2016

[MAJ] C.CookQuarterhorse33 tagtag Very deserving of this award. Thank you for a job done well.
[MAJ] R.BellairsShadowTiger59 tagtagtag Great job Spc Levy
[Sgt-] G.GreenEnglish_Ham tagtagtagtag Good work buddy

We have a couple of new members



Please welcome them, introduce yourself to them get to know them, battle with them you never no might be the member that has your back.

1st Battalion Executive Officer

Major R. Bellairs(ShadowTiger59)

Victory! Battle: Pilsen Vehicles: KV-85 Experience received: 4,199 (x3 for the first victory each day) Credits earned: 27,707 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "II Class" Repairs: -4 042 Ammunition: -9 440 Total: 14 225 WN8: 2 100 (75)

June 2016
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